Espresso Tuo

EspressoTuo system

Coind, the leading Italian coffee roasting company, presents the EspressoTuo system. A coffee machine and capsule designed with only one goal in mind: the absolute best Italian espresso at home.

Every EspressoTuo single-use capsule contains up to 7g of specially ground roasted coffee for a creamy, full-bodied espresso with an intense aroma. What’s more, the exclusive peelable lid lets you separate the coffee from the plastic, making recycling and separating organic waste even easier.
To guarantee the best result in cup, our capsules should only be used in EspressoTuo machines. Our machines are the only ones to have been designed to deliver hot water at precisely the right pressure and temperature for the capsules.

With these features, major European retail chains have chosen EspressoTuo technology to distribute their own brand, portioned systems. EspressoTuo capsules are also available under the “Caffè Meseta” brand, a part of the Coind Group that markets coffee of the finest quality.